WELCOME! Thank you for being here. Sam is a former professional athlete giving current athletes the gift of mental toughness, mental control and mental health through the power of meditation.


What MBS Offers:

SELF PACED COURSES: If you are an older athlete who enjoys independent learning, check out the "Courses" tab for information on the self paced course called GAME MIND.

PERSONAL GUIDANCE: If you would like more interaction, Sam offers online one on one meetings in different packages depending on what you would like to achieve! Check out The Internal Athlete tab for more info.

LEARN AS A GROUP: If you are part of a team or group, Sam also offers online or in-person group meetings! This is great for younger athletes who would like to learn alongside their friends, or hear relatable stories from people going through the same things as them. Check out The Internal Athlete tab for more info.

OWN YOUR ENERGY MEMBERSHIP & CLOTHING BRAND: Own your energy is a monthly membership coming Summer 2022! The membership is designed for everyone; athletes, and non athletes alike. The mobile platform will have meditations, breath patterns, educational videos and an interactive community, making it perfect for whole sport clubs! Check the Own Your Energy tab in the navigation area to shop the accompanying clothing brand, and check back soon for the membership!

There is something for everyone! You can book a free 15 minute info call below, or email [email protected] for inquiries.

Talk soon :)


Benefits of Joining MBS

Meditation is a great way to balance out the high pressure and demands of sport. It has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, stress, self judgement and fear, allowing for more confidence and joy in your sport during your pursuit of excellence. It's also been proven to benefit overall mental health. 

Sam offers many different avenues of learning, depending on your personal needs. Check out the self paced courses, options for full teams, or individual sessions for those who would like personalized guidance.

Meditation is taking the sports world by storm! From the likes of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter, Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh (and so many more) meditation is on the schedule of many world class athletes. 

It's easy to talk about wanting to be confident, to have less performance anxiety, to think less while playing, to be more present. it's another thing to be unshakeable in any given moment. There's a disconnect between understanding and fully being, and meditation is the connection.


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