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Here is where you can learn all about MBS and its creator, Sam!

My meditation journey has been frustrating, exciting, revealing, life changing, expansive, everything! It's the realest journey I've been on, and I want you to experience that, too.

I am a Pennsylvania native, James Madison University alumna, and a retired professional soccer player. I obtained a Bachelor's degree from the Honors college at JMU in Health Science, with a Biology minor, and a Pre-Medicine concentration. My original path was to become a surgeon (surgeon, professional athlete, business owner, i'm a wild dreamer).

I had a few changes of heart with my experiences of health, playing soccer, and traveling the world for a few years, and one of those changes was in the way that I wanted to help people. I began meditating in 2015, and after I saw the pretty immediate changes in my mental and physical health, I knew this was an area that more people needed to know about.

I became a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach after completing a certification course with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in early 2019. This allowed me to assist clients in the healing journey by using holistic approaches such as dietary changes, exercise and stress reduction techniques. I decided to pursue meditation further, and became a certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher after completing the certification process with The School of Positive Transformation. 

My website has a blog section where you can read and learn more about me as well as different types of meditation techniques, benefits, how to's.. etc! You can also find audios, videos, pdfs.. etc in the "downloads" portion of my site. Lastly, there are currently two courses being offered on the site. Game Mind is a course for athletes, and Control & Create is a course for non athletes, as meditation can certainly benefit everyone!

Meditating changed my life. It not only helped me excel in my soccer career, but it also opened my eyes to so many things, and allowed me to get to know myself more than I ever had before. It's hard to even attempt to list all of the benefits, from health to personal growth, so I hope you follow along and find out for yourself! 

I know the idea of meditation can be overwhelming and intimidating, so my goal is to make it attainable for everyone. There's nothing special inside of me that allowed me to learn that isn't also inside of you. So let's do this together! :)

Thanks for being here, now.

Love, Sam


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