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As athletes, we are always striving to meet a certain standard. An external standard that we have very minimal control over. Working to be better every single day is what separates us from the average, but at what cost? We tend to search for things like confidence, motivation, and passion from outside sources to feel complete, or good enough. We put pressure on ourselves to be perfect in every moment, and therefore we struggle when we make mistakes, or don't get the results we desire. At The Internal Athlete, we flip that. We focus on nourishing our minds and our internal environment, so we can perform our best regardless of what we are faced with externally. 

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What is meditation?

The simple answer is that meditation is the retraining of attention.  It is a family of techniques where you bring full attention to the moment, in a non-analytical way, whatever the activity.  Any moment is an invitation to meditation!  This is just the surface though.  It has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that meditation reduces anxiety and stress, increases confidence, turns down the overthinking, and improves positive emotions like motivation and excitement.

Sam Lofton
Former Division I soccer player 
Former professional soccer player (NWSL, Europe)
Current WPSL soccer player
Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach
Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
Currently studying to be a Neuro-lingustic practitioner 



Your coach has utilized meditation to help with their success, and you can do the same!

In the Internal Athlete, YOU are given the tools to create an unshakable internal environment, tested and implemented by your coaches in their own college and professional sports careers. 

Learn meditation from a former professional  athlete!

What if we could create an environment inside of us (in our minds), that was ALREADY complete?  An environment that supported us, challenged us, inspired us and was with us wherever we went? By using meditation to turn down the negative voice in your head, you can play at peace, letting your body play the way you have trained it to. 


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